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Alberto Rabassa Company Admit One Films Directs Jesse Vega Single Music Video!

Long time friend,Mentor and Brother of Jesse Vega. Has signed the deal on joining forces with the Music Video treatment of his first single debuting in a few weeks! Alberto Rabassa, known for directing over 20-25 Music Video covers under Jesse Vega's catalougue. Cover Videos such as J-Lo,Justin Timberlake,Justin Beiber and his most viewed video High School Musical "Boys Are Back". Which gained over 35K views in 7 years!

Now with 10 years under his belt. He has pushed himself to the limit on directing his first original treatment. AdmitOneFilms will be the first video of his own Independent Company that will be released. Stay tuned and aware on more news of his company and follow Admit One Films on all social platforms!!

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