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Calling all NYC Male and Female Dancers!


Independent Male Recording Artist Jesse Vega is looking for Male and Female Dancers. For a Visual Music Video for his Upcoming First single in the fall. The music Video will take place during mid-late August. Off his first record under Independent Label "Frozen In Time". The scene will take place at a Club/Lounge. Exact locations will be determined in a few weeks. The Record is a Mix of EDM(Electronic Dance Music) with a mix of House. Were looking for high energy authentic talented good looking 2 Male and 2 Female dancers who can bring it and sell sex,passion and just a love for dance. Dance styles interested of Pop/Hip Hop or street jazz. Here a website and Youtube channel on him and his performances. You can follow him on Twitter:JesseV3GA Instagram:JesseV3GA here a REEL of his live performances see what he's all about. Were willing to pay and feed on the day of set. There will also be accompanied Choreographer for the visual piece. If interested please send me your Dance Reel's and Headshot. If chosen there will be a face to face interview for an audition.

Good Luck!!

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