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Jesse Vega Stars in "Stars Dance" Series!

Writer and Producer of the 3 Part Music Video series of "Stars Dance" joins Jesse Vega to the Cast. Jesse, will be playing Julian. One of the 3 friends who tells Ruby and Damien of the Audition. "Stars Dance" a 3-part Music Video series tells a story about 3 friends who share the same dream as Dancers who auditions for an open call for a Cruise Ship Tour. Problems arise, when all 3 friends have to collaborate with one another and there competitive streak get the best of each other and there loyal friendship.

"Stars Dance Backstory: "Stars Dance" creation began since the Summer of 15. It originally, was supposed to be a Visual Dance video of Jesse Vega dancing to the Selena Gomez song "Stars Dance". Production and video creation originally was supposed to be in effect since last year but the direction didn't go as plan. Writing of the script began in March of this year and production for filming starts at the end of the Summer.

Jesse Vega quotes: After months and months of being inspired in the real world. The idea came into mind, when I decided to create not only a Visual Video but tap into my talent for Acting as part of the ensemble piece. I wanted to show the viewers, the life of a dancer and how these 3 friends gift of dancing keep's them together. It also gives the audience to think about when you'r working with people to not let your competitive streak get the best of you because it can either make or break a relationship. To wanting something so bad you will have to go great lengths to work around the people you love to achieve it.

Selena Gomez Choice for the song:I decided to pick Selena Gomez "Stars Dance" because I love the message of the track. How she says to let your self be free and let your passion for dance carry out through your aurora. By showing the world how dancing can let you get lost in your mind. To have the confidence by using Dance and make the room light up with your passion. Which I can relate because I myself am a dancer and I wanted to have 3 distinctive characters use the gift of dance be the theme of the project. Hence why each of the 3 main characters are dancers who become stars in their own way. i.e. "Stars Dance".

Jesse Vega has been performing since the age of 15 in 2005. He's been known to do Theatre,Film,Outreach LGBT events and produce and Host in his online web show "Vega411". He currently is working on music for his first ever Solo Effort Album/Ep and now he tapping into the world of producing and starring in his first ever 3 PART Music video Series.

Follow him on Twitter and Instagram @JesseV3GA &

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