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Kenneth Padilla Joins The Cast of "Stars Dance"

Kenneth Padilla who's an Actor,Dancer and Singer who has joined the cast of the Independent 3-Part Music Video series of "Stars Dance". He plays one of the 3 leading characters in the storyline as "Damien".

Damien who's friends between Ruby and Julian is the comic relief out of the 3. He very sharp tongue,tell it like it is and has no tolerance of nonsense. In between all that, he has a very tough love between his appreciation love for Julian even through the back and forth hot and cold relationship. His attachment to Ruby, is like two peas in a pod that is just waiting to be seen on screen.

Back Story: Kenneth Padilla has been performing at a very young age. From Dancing to Theatre performances and is very well known for his stage name "Kenny Supreme". His name gives him the status of an Independent Pop Recording artist which songs created can be view on online. Songs such as "Do It Again",Opulence",Addicted" and his signature song "We Run The Night". A cover to "Havana Brown".

"Stars Dance" will be released this Fall!!

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