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Sarah Cuoco Joins The Cast of "Stars Dance"

Co-Founder of Foxy5 WerqShop, Sarah Cuoco joins the cast of "Stars Dance". A 3-Part Music Video Series about 3 friends coming together to create an original Dance Piece to be part of a Cruise Ship. There competitive nature get's the best of each other and creates some serious tension between each other.

Sarah's been dancing her entire life growing up training and choreographing in her Mother's dance studio. She has been studying ballet for 15 years and designed dance pieces for 20 Theatre Productions. Now she sinks her teeth into some serious Acting chops in this 3 Part series. With elements of both Acting and Dance.

Sarah plays "Ruby" one of the 3 friends. She amongst the other 2 character's is very down to earth, everybody's best friend and the more logical thinker of the 3 main characters.

"Stars Dance" begins filming late this month early next month.

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