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Stars Dance(Promo)

Just a few weeks ago, Jesse Vega announced on a Live Facebook stream he will be working on an Independent Music Video 3 Part Series. Callaborating with the talented FOXY5 Dance crew who also agreed to put there time and love to this amazing project. Revolving the life of 3 dancers and their encounter of an Open-Dance Call to a Cruise Ship. To join together, in a collaborative team effort without stepping on each other's toes on their sense of different dance styles. Would they put there competitive differences aside and come together as a team or there stubborn streak get's the best of them and they go their separate ways.

Here is just a platform image of the title of the project "Stars Dance". Production will begin early to Mid July with a scheduled release in late Summer early Fall. Stay aware and tuned into Jesse Vega social media Twitter,Instagram,Facebook and more on release of Cast,Crew and more!!

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