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The Crooked Mind(Promo Image Jesse Vega)

Back in the Summer of 2015. Jesse Vega got chosen to be part of an ensemble cast of Prodigy6 first ever Feature Film titled "The Crooked Mind". The production began from June of 2015-Sept on location in the Bronx and Manhattan. The Film is about D.I.D(Dissociative Identity Disorder) with a twist of a crime thriller. In December, the first trailer was released and five months after promo images are starting to be put out. Trailer #2 is being available this month for expected Private release in July. No word on a set date when the Film will view for the Public but the production team and crew will have more in the coming weeks.

"The Crooked Mind"(Promo Image Jesse Vega)

The Crooked Mind Trailer #1

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