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Jesse Meets His Idol Jennifer Lopez and Quick Tips On How To Meet Yours !

GREAT NEWS: Jesse Vega Just Meet Jennifer Lopez once again at The View On March 2/2/2-16

Here are some tips to meet your Idol Like Jesse Did !

-(Meet & Greet) Meeting your idol's through a meet and greet is a great opportunity to really allow them to get to know you. Some are super quick that its just a snap a pic and next on line. Some take time so the aritst or celeberity can really get to know each and everyone of his fans.

*Best Advice "Be In The Back Of The Line" You will deifantly get a better chance to speak to your idol once they leave.

-(Interviews On Shows) Shows like The View, GoodMorningAmerica, The Real, Wendy Show, Michael and Kelly, Jimmy Fallon, and more is one of the best ways to as well meet your idol. It gets tricky when realzing that the aritst can go through many ways to avoid fan and paparazzi traffic, But some may just exit through the front door or enter it. Depends on the place they are going to.

-(On their Set) Some celeberities/ Directors may not allow this but this is one of the best ways to catch your idol when he/she is doing something on set. Best advice just wait patiently until he/she is on break or has a few mintues before heading back to session. This wil be your opportunity to show them that no matter what youre always there for them.

-(Events) Events are another best way to be with your idol.

Like ( CD signing, Release Party, Club Features, Meet & Greets, Concert VIP, etc) Making it to some of these events may just put you to the spot of being a very know fan. Your idol will see the true fans when visit them in support of their stuff they work on. Make it happen you never know what your idol might do for you.

Good Luck and Share Your Photos With Us Using #SelfieWithIdol

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